Get Your Site Professionally Rated Using the Google+ API

Google recently launched its brand new Google Rating API. This is a brand new, simple and easy to use tool that allows users to access important information about their website – including its URL and category! You can now not only get great insight into your site’s popularity, but also understand how to tap into the backlinks, social engagement and other important data that can help improve your website. But how do you get started? Here are some things to remember:

Only use the Feed Burner API – If you are using this application, the Google rating service is NOT included. Get your Google+ Business account set up first. Once you’re set up, log in to your Google Analytics account and find the “Feed Burner” icon in the top right corner (you’ll know you’re on the right page because it will be the blue feed button). Tap this icon, and you’ll be shown a series of three numbers: 0, 1 and 2. The number at the top of the screen indicates how many people have shared your post with their network – the higher the number, the better!

Grab as much information as you can – Try to gather as much information as you can, both good and bad, about your business. After you’ve gathered all the data, you can contact the Google Analytics team for further insight. They will be more than happy to help you with what you need. They even provide easy-to-use API keys so you can test various methods of getting the data you want!

Add your URL to your site – Once you’ve used the Feed Burner application and shared your data, you may want to add your URL to your site. To do this, log into your Google Analytics account, go to ‘Your Site’ at the bottom of the page, click on ‘Add URL’ and follow the simple instructions. You’ll be asked to enter your URL. Wait for a while for the code to integrate your new URL! That’s really all there is to setting up your Google rating application – it’s quick and easy! It’s worth doing if you want to benefit from Google’s online reputation management capabilities.

Start testing it out – One of the best things you can do with the Google rating API is to start experimenting with how you can use it to improve your SEO efforts. If you post a new article on your blog, for example, you can give a brief description to the article along with a link to the page where you’ll be able to find out other readers’ comments and thoughts. If you write articles for other websites, you can incorporate a rating system into the article itself. For example, you could ask visitors to leave a rating on how helpful they are, either by leaving a comment or through a simple question. This is just one example of how you can use the Feed Burner application to increase your SEO, but there are many others.

Monitor your results – As mentioned before, the google rating api will allow you to use all sorts of information about your website – but what you’re looking for is an accurate reflection of your site’s reputation. To ensure that you’re getting accurate information, you can use third-party services to run server checks and to gather data using different methods. For example, you can ask people to visit your site in specific ways, rate your products or services, or check to see whether you’ve been banned by a particular site. If you get good results, then you should stick with the system and upgrade to the Google+ brand when the time comes. Otherwise, you’ve lost valuable points that you can’t get back!