Review: Lina Stores, Not Just Another Pasta-Centric Restaurant

Just because this is a review of Lina Stores, not just another pasta-centric restaurant, it should carry a mention of how good this restaurant is. It’s high time I gave the best Italian restaurants in London a go!

When you enter the lina stores restaurant review, you are greeted by the large red doors. Behind these doors, you will find an attractive interior. The decor is very stylish and welcoming.

We were immediately greeted by the staff, who was friendly and made us feel very welcome and comfortable. They made us feel at home, which is good when you are here for the first time. Also, they gave us good customer service!

I was pretty pleased with the way the kitchen prepared our pizza and the breadsticks were cooked in a non-stick pan. This is a good sign, since I have never seen any non-stick pan at an Italian restaurant before. However, I know that a non-stick pan should be used sparingly because it can cause the fans to get too hot in the long run. We also ordered a bottle of wine, which was a nice touch.

The pizza was well-prepared. It had a tasty crust. The sauce was not overpowering, as it could have been. The tomato sauce was spicy, but it was not overbearing. We were also able to eat the pizza by ourselves, as we only ordered a small piece.

After our pasta was cooked, we enjoyed our lunch, which was loaded with extra veggies. You would never guess that the veggies came from the vegetables in the salad. Each vegetable had a unique texture and flavor. There were some really nice pieces of cucumber and onion.

The salad was different but still had some good ingredients. I liked the mint and orange flavors from the zucchini. It really kept the greens from tasting too heavy.

The soup was delicious. The chicken with the pasta and noodles had a great broth. It also had some great flavors.

My friend and I enjoyed the lasagna with mushrooms and veggies. The noodles had a creamy consistency and the mushrooms were nicely sauteed. The flavor was subtle but was not overpowered by the cheese. We shared the soup. It did not look that tasty, but it was definitely flavorful.

Both of us thought the lasagna was quite tasty. However, I think the lasagna my friend and I had was better than the one we had ordered. I suspect that the beef was better than mine, since mine was marinated for too long. Either way, the lasagna we had was delicious.

The pastas were well-prepared and tasted delicious. The sauces were very tasty. They seemed to have a lot of flavor, which is good since the crowd of people at the Lina Stores restaurant was too loud to be comfortable in.

I really enjoyed my time at Lina Stores. You can also get a three-course meal if you’re hungry, which I recommend to everyone who enjoys good Italian food.

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