Strawberry Candy Uncensored Movie Review

Strawberry Candy Uncensored is the movie that gives you the full movie experience of the well-known Japanese cartoon series, Strawberry. It is not really a funny movie as it features lots of adult humor and mature themes.

This movie was directed by Kenji Mizoguchi and stars Bobbi Holl

This movie shows the misadventures of a good girl, Holl, who is under the delusion that she has a bad dream. Her friend, Charlotte, discovers that she has the power to change herself at will. Charlotte allows her to use her power to do things like change herself into a strawberry for one night.

Holl is soon involved in a series of car wrecks with other girls in a contest for the prize of a bikini of the beautiful Carl. The prize for the bikini is put up by Carl’s sister, Cindy, who offers to change the bikini in a few days into a short skirt, but to do this, she needs to have sex with Carl so she can have Carl’s sperm, and also get the prize.

Then a girl named Rose tries to enter the contest in the sweet candy world. She also wants to win the bikini, but Rose’s boyfriend happens to be the one behind the stunt in the contest. The two fight all night long and during the morning, the contest is off. The two girls in the bikini, but are told later that they don’t have to wear it until next week.

The two girls start to get quite popular in the contest. Things become even worse when Cindy starts dating a boy, Rick, whom Holl is also attracted to.

Next we meet Ricks parents, the two are dating, and the Cherry’s boyfriend, Chris, happens to be showing up at the Cherry’s house looking for her. Rose has been helping them find Chris since her boyfriend’s efforts to cheat on her have been making her feeling desperate. After coming across Chris, the Cherry’s turn her over to the authorities, where they put her on a plane to Japan.

The Cherry’s parents find out about Holl’s and the others’ involvement in the contest and the Cherry’s house is burned down. While there, the police find a DVD of a young woman, who turns out to be Rose, eating a box of chocolate kabobs, and the girl with the power to turn herself into a strawberry has been exposed.

Rose manages to escape and manages to get her jet-ski away from the police by hiding the pair inside the body of a rocket. Rose gets picked up by two guys who take her to the Candy Mountain, a place where every girl can get her own candy bar and there Rose meets the boy いちごキャンディ 無修正 who has been spying on her from afar all along. He is a member of the Ink, an evil organization that wants to steal Holl’s body.

The entire movie is a counter-fight between the Sweeties, who want to capture Rose, and the Ink, who want to use her body for their own evil purposes. The fight is made even more intense when Holl finds out that the two Ink members have been watching her all along.

As they near the end of the movie, the girl with the red neck tattoo shows up, disguising herself as the Sexy Ink member, and attempts to get Holl to reveal where they keep the video of her eating the kabobs. After she succeeds, Holl turns on the Powerpuff Girls and uses the powers of strawberry juice to shrink herself into a tiny ball, but then she becomes a big ball and scares off the Ink member. When the Purple Ink member gets close enough to snipe Rose in the back with a pistol, she pulls out the video she had hidden and later reveals it toHoll and the viewer as a video tape.

It is not very good movies. It can be boring at times, the subplots are rather confusing, and the songs are rather hit or miss. But what makes this movie unique is the fact that it is the first time that Hibachi Animation was allowing to be animated onscreen.

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